Redwood Learning and Counseling Services
Whole Person Educational and Emotional Services
2000 Broadway, Suite 271
Redwood City, California 94063
(650) 262-0431
At Redwood Learning and Counseling Services we offer educational and emotional assessments that address the whole person and provide individualized strategies for achievement of academic and personal goals.  Working in a unique collaborative approach, our recommendations are tailored to each individual's personal learning and emotional profile and consider the goals, needs, and desires of the persons involved.  Together, we are committed to helping you demystify your child's or your own unique profile in order to develop a concrete plan for success in school and life. Counseling and consultation services are also provided for adolescents and adults. 

Psycho-educational Assessments / Initial Assessment for Learning Differences
/ Behavioral, Emotional, and Focusing Assessments / Social Security, Citizenship, and Immigration Assessments / Consultations / Therapy

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