Psycho-educational/Social Emotional Testing by Referral

Psycho-educational assessments are comprehensive evaluations that look at the whole person.  These assessments are given to persons age six to adult who are struggling in certain areas of academics and having difficulty retaining information, completing schoolwork, focusing or organizing, and who also may be bright or gifted.  In addition, they may be showing signs of emotional distress, displaying difficulty in relationships, or exhibiting disruptive behavior.  At times, a full psycho-educational assessment may be needed to receive accommodations in school or to participate in the Individualized Education Plan process.

Occasionally, social, emotional, behavioral, or attention and concentration styles may need to be explored to better understand individual personality profiles.  These assessments are often given to individuals who may be having difficulty sustaining focus in multiple areas and environments, exhibiting impulsive, overactive, or other disruptive behaviors, showing signs of depression or anxiety, or having difficulty making and maintaining relationships.

If any of these services are needed for your child, we will be able to make a good recommendation for the appropriate professional.