Comprehensive Educational Planning

At Redwood Learning and Counseling Services, we put the highest emphasis on Educational Planning.  After all, this planning is one of the most important factors in shaping your child’s academic future.  A specific plan and strategy for learning is key to academic success.  Children with learning differences are no exception.  In fact, these children do not have a learning problem per se—they are bright and can learn quite well.  They may just have processing difficulties that require the implementation of different strategies than the standard teaching methodologies. What these children need is an educational plan that will meet their learning needs and unique learning style.

To do this, many areas need to be considered including:

  • Lesson plan building for teachers, tutors, and parents. Amy will not only make general learning recommendations, but will write specific lesson plans that can be easily used by professionals working with your child, making it easy for them to quickly get to the heart of your child’s academic needs.
  • Behavioral challenges. Sometimes a child may have some behavioral issues that are brought upon by frustrations and academic struggles. Amy will also be able to write a behavioral plan to make it easier for professionals to work with your child until academic goals are met.
  • Organizational strategies. Amy will help parents to implement strategies that will make learning at school and at home much more efficient and less stressful.
  • Accommodations. Amy will make a list of accommodations needed at home and at school based on your child’s learning profile.
  • School placement. Amy is very familiar with the schools in the bay area and will be able to evaluate whether a public or private education may be the best choice for your child.