Educational Advocacy

For children with learning differences, it is often important for parents to work with an educational advocate to navigate the many aspects of supporting your child’s learning style.
Some of the key areas that require advocacy include:

  • Knowing how to work with your child’s teacher to get the best school services.  Having many years of teaching background enables Amy’s understanding of your child’s teachers and the challenges they face with their class and also with your specific child.  This knowledge will help make significant progress in facilitating the best learning environment for your child with learning differences.
  • Having a support person to attend a student study team meeting
  • Knowing how to navigate the Individual Education Plan process to get appropriate services for your child. Advocacy at RLCS also includes helping school learning specialists to write the I.E.P plan, making it easier to establish appropriate academic goals for your child.
  • When working with a child with learning differences there may be many professional reports involved. As part of the advocacy process and to understand the myriad of information, Amy will be able to analyze those reports from your child’s teacher’s, tutors, therapists, etc. and organize them in a cohesive way so that you can truly understand your child’s learning style. After coordinating and assessing this information, Amy will also be able to come up with the best learning plan for your child.