Amy and Jenny work with persons from first grade to adulthood to develop a plan that fits the unique individual.  Assessments involve gathering relevant information, interviews, and standardized testing that may include academic achievement, learning processes, cognitive and intellectual styles, attention and concentration abilities, and social, emotional, and behavioral styles.  Reports and in-person feedback sessions are provided with recommendations tailored to fit the needs of the individual and family.  Therapy and consultations include interviews and discussions to achieve a better understanding of the individual and accomplish specific goals.

  • A comprehensive assessment that may include learning, cognitive, attention and concentration, giftedness, emotional, and behavioral profiles.
  • A one day assessment that includes the Slingerland Screening for an initial look at basic processing difficulties that can negatively affect academic progress.
  • An assessment that may look at attention and concentration abilities such as ADHD, personality profiles, and social and emotional difficulties. 
  • Psychological assessments tailored specifically for the social security, citizenship, and immigration processes.

Other Services:

  • Discussions or interviews that may include consultations with teachers and other professionals, IEP or SST support, on-going support after an assessment, or psychological consultations.
  • For adolescents and adults, psychotherapy that addresses the whole person to achieve personal goals and transform limiting belief systems and patterns. 
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