Social Security, Citizenship, and Immigration Evaluations

These psychological evaluations are provided by Dr. Jenny Forman for individuals who are applying for social security benefits or citizenship and immigration status and need further documentation on behalf of their case.  These assessments aid in the evaluation of disability, work impairment, psychological distress, or cognitive difficulties and provide diagnostic impressions and levels of functioning. These evaluations are streamlined for affordability and practicality, are limited in scope, and administered in a single session.  They are not intended to facilitate treatment or any other clinical intervention.  If persons would like additional services, they may request a consultation or therapy appointment.

This evaluation process usually involves interviews with the claimant and relevant persons. It may also include intelligence, memory, and/or neuro-psychological screenings if needed or requested.  A written report is provided with relevant information, diagnostic impressions, levels of functioning, and test results (if needed).

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