Behavioral, Emotional, and Focusing Assessments

Dr. Jenny Forman provides psychological assessments for persons ages six to adult.  Social, emotional, behavioral, or attention and concentration styles may be explored to better understand individual personality profiles. These assessments are often given to individuals who may be having difficulty sustaining focus in multiple areas and environments, exhibiting impulsive, overactive, or other disruptive behaviors, showing signs of depression or anxiety, or having difficulty making or maintaining relationships.  If individuals are also having difficulty with schoolwork or appear to have underlying processing difficulties, a full psycho-educational assessment is usually required.  

The assessment process involves an initial meeting with Jenny to gather relevant background information and determine the types of testing that best fit the individual's needs. After testing is complete, a feedback session is provided to discuss the findings and recommendations.  In addition, a comprehensive and clear report is written that includes recommendations designed to address the needs and desires of individuals and families.

Recommendations may include:
  • Referrals to specialized professionals for therapy, parenting support, medical consultation, occupational therapy, social skills groups, and other professionals as needed
  • Resources for support organizations and groups
  • Strategies and recommendations for teachers regarding social, emotional, and behavioral support
  • Focusing and organizing strategies for home, school, and work
  • Specific therapeutic goals that address social and emotional well-being
  • Prioritizing recommendations for short and long-term success

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